2022 Year of the Water Tiger

Posted on January 11, 2022 by Derelle Ball

The Year of the Ren Yin (Water Tiger) will occur from 1 February 2022 (according to the Lunar Calendar) and from 4 February 2022, (according to the Solar HSIA Calendar).  The Lunar Calendar is used for traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, however, keep in mind, the Solar Calendar is used when calculating the annual Feng Shui energy flow of the year and 4 Pillars/BaZi Astrology for individuals.

The element of Wood features strongly during the Ren Yin year, with an underlying Melodic Element of Metal helping to carve and shape the Wood.  Wood brings hope and the chance to start over and rebuild.  Time spent working on cleaning up our polluted rivers and oceans will be energy well spent this year. 

The Tiger qi is a travelling energy and the Heavenly Stem of Ren (which sits above the Yin/Tiger qi in 2022) connects with yang Water, so themes and news connected with long distance travel over vast expanses of water and/or the movement of water (including water powered vehicles and unusual weather conditions) are more likely to occur. 

Ren is a powerful force and indicates ‘the tides are changing’ from a world perspective.  Ren also carries some of the left-over fear factor that was so very dominant in 2020, thus indicating polarising views will still likely prevail, as countries such as the US, Russia and China play an uneasy dominance game with each other.

Wood element themes such as agriculture, education, carpentry and construction, pharmaceuticals and incorporating a combination of nature and technology to develop new and innovative ways of doing things, will tend to feature strongly throughout the year.

2022 marks a crucial time in the history of humankind to embrace the concept of living sustainably and looking after our precious resources. 

From a western astrological perspective, since Feb 2021, we have had Saturn (the restrictive planet) squaring off with Uranus (which connects with the ever-increasing desire for freedom from restriction).  This Saturn/Uranus face off will be an underlying factor felt around the world until September 2022.

If you were born on the Day of Chen (Dragon), Shen (Monkey) or Zi (Rat) according to your 4 Pillars of birth chart, 2022 is a personal Skyhorse year for you, which basically indicates there will be opportunity for more travel and movement in your life, including opportunity to help energise your career path – most likely involving additional travel for work. 

Note: if you have no idea what your 4 Pillars birth chart looks like, you can work it out here: https://centaineconsultants.com.au/blogs/news/what-is-my-4-pillars-birth-chart

If you have Xin (Yin Metal) showing at the top of your Day Pillar of birth, then the annual Yin (Tiger) energy brings Tian Yi luck to you in the form of Noble People energy that provides support and guidance when needed, especially during the months of February and June, so make sure you are actively networking and seeking advice from experts and/or mentors during these months in particular.

If you have Shen (Monkey) energy showing at the bottom of any of the 4 Pillars in your birth chart, then the energy of change will affect you in 2022, depending on which Pillar is involved.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and you can productively use the energy of change by planning ahead for change in your industry or market conditions, planning a renovation, moving, travel, igniting a new partnership, initiating new projects, working on your own personal self-development etc.  You should however also adopt a generally more cautious and conservative approach throughout the year when it comes to your health, expenditure and investments.

From an annual Feng Shui perspective, the energies of the Ren Yin year mirror the Hou Tian Bagua which represents energy in motion and the potential for significant transformation as human and natural forces interact. 

With the annual 2 Ju Men qi affecting the Southwest sector alongside the annual Sui Po in the Shen zone (ie affecting a third of the SW sector closest to where SW meets West), the overriding effect of these energies prevailing in the Kun/Matriarch location indicates a difficult and important year for women’s rights and justice. 

Sickness qi travels alongside the annual 2 qi in the Southwest sector and it is interesting to note that during the last Ren Yin year (in 1962) a morning sickness medication called Thalidomide was found to be the cause of over ten thousand babies being born with severe deformities. 

So, while the Wood component of the year ahead promises breakthroughs in regard to new medical treatments (especially when nature and medicine combine forces harmoniously), there is also the possibility for mistakes to be made along the way, with potential negative effects.  With that in mind, it’s best to make 2022 a year of healthy eating with plenty of organic plant-based meals, regular exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

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