2022 Year of the Water Tiger Annual Flying Stars Feng Shui Overview

Posted on April 04, 2022 by Derelle Ball

On 4 February 2022 the annual Feng Shui energies change location in and around your home and business and it pays to take a look at where these energies are located and whether or not they attract beneficial energy or can be a potential problem if disturbed with excavation or construction. 

The following annual energy influences will affect every building around the world from 4 Feb 2022 until 3 Feb 2023.

The annual energy influences that can trigger negative energy if disturbed by construction or excavation from 4 Feb 2022 until 3 Feb 2023 are the annual San Sha qi affecting the entire North sector (and extending a bit further each side of North into Hai and Chou), the annual Tai Sui (affecting a third of the Northeast sector, closest to where NE meets East) and the annual Sui Po (affecting a third of the Southwest sector, closest to where SW meets West). 

You can place a Pi Yao or Kilin (see examples below) in the Tai Sui location in the NE sector facing towards SW or diagonally opposite in the Sui Po location in the SW sector facing towards NE as a symbolic appeasement for the Tai Sui energy, especially if you have Shen/Monkey appearing in your 4 Pillars Astrology Birth Chart.  In 2022 the Shen/Monkey energy is in conflict with the Yin/Tiger year energy. 

In my annual updates for previous clients, I show you these exact locations shaded in blue on your floor plan. Of course, if you are already in the process of construction in one of these areas, there are time frames you can connect with that can help minimize the potential for negative qi to be released and these can be addressed within a residential or business feng shui report.

During the Water Tiger year, in conjunction with the annual San Sha, the North sector will also be affected by the annual 1 White Tan Lang qi which brings support for learning, wisdom, education and financial opportunity however can also trigger health issues connected with over-indulgence of alcohol, so keep this in mind if spending a lot of time in the North sector this year.

The annual 2 Black Ju Men qi will affect the Southwest sector and can bring support for frugal savings and spiritual connection, however sickness qi also tends to travel alongside this annual energy. This can help attract clientele to the main entry of a health-related business.

The placement of an empty dried gourd with a hole cut into the top section and/or an empty metallic vase with a big belly, narrow neck and an opening at the top (see examples below) is highly recommended in the Southwest sector this year. The empty gourd shape attracts sickness qi connected to the annual 2 and helps keep it occupied and less likely to bother the occupants. The sound of beautiful piano music or a singing bowl is also very calming and protective here during the Ren Yin year.

The annual 3 Jade Lu Cun energy will affect the East sector and brings the energy of growth and courage and can be productively used for personal self-development, business expansion and in the legal profession. Its downside can also attract politicking and litigious issues as well as potential theft. Fire element via colour from the red spectrum can help calm the 3 energy although you should first determine how this interacts with the inherent energies affecting the space.

The annual 4 Green Wen Qu energy will affect the Southeast sector and brings support for creativity and academia as well as potential for romance. How you use it depends on the inherent energy flow in that location, your current circumstances and personal aspirations. In some cases, it can attract relationship scandal depending on the use and surrounding landform.

The annual 5 Yellow Lian Zhen energy will affect the centre. It brings a sense of stubbornness with it and ideally you should aim to keep the centre of your home open and uncluttered. The sound of beautiful relaxing piano music, golden yellow colour and metallic objects that are curved or round in shape help keep the central qi calm.

The annual 6 White Wu Qu energy will affect the Northwest sector and brings support for authority, taking responsibility and leadership potential. It can also bring a sense of isolation and potential bossiness. How you use it depends on the inherent energy flow affecting your home. If there are fire forms in the surrounding landform, litigious issues could be attracted to this location.

The annual 7 Red Po Jun energy will affect the West sector and connects with competitive energy that can be used productively in sales, sports, critiquing, communications/media. It can also increase the potential for raised tempers, theft and injury by sharp objects. If you spend a lot of time in the West sector, the addition of some calming black or medium-dark blue colour and/or some healthy plants in navy pots can help calm the effect.

The annual 8 White Zuo Fu energy will affect the Northeast sector and can attract abundance opportunity. It can also connect with over-consumption, so balance, forward planning and strategic activation are needed in order to make the most of this auspicious annual qi.

The annual 9 Purple You Bi energy will affect the South sector. This energy is creative, social and celebratory by nature and it has an amplifying effect on the inherent energy flow it attaches itself to. From a health perspective, it’s important to take note of the inherent energy flow and surrounding landform affecting the South sector of your home in case the heat of the annual 9 Purple triggers a potential melted metal or hot dry earth scenario (for example) which can lead to health issues connected with the heart, vision and inflammation.

Note: the compass sectors of your home and business are like 8 big pieces of pie that begin in the gravitational centre of the building and extend to the boundary lines of your property, irrespective of where the building is situated on the property.  You can determine the general location of each compass sector by standing in the centre of the building with a compass and taking note which rooms are located in which compass sectors. 

If using a compass app on your iPhone, make sure it is calibrated to Magnetic North and NOT Map/True North

The compass sectors and their corresponding degrees are:

North Sector:                337.5 - 22.5 degrees

Northeast Sector:         22.5 - 67.5 degrees

East Sector:                 67.5 - 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector:        112.5 - 157.5 degrees

South Sector:               157.5 - 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector:        202.5 - 247.5 degrees

West Sector:                247.5 - 292.5 degrees 

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2022 Year of the Water Tiger

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