2020 Annual Flying Stars Plus the Favourable and Unfavourable Locations for Excavation and Construction during the Metal Rat Year

Posted on January 09, 2020 by Derelle Ball

On 4 February 2020 the annual Feng Shui energies change location in and around your home and business and it pays to take a look at where these energies are located and whether or not they attract beneficial energy or can be a potential problem if disturbed with excavation or construction. 

In the colour-coded guideline showing below you can see the areas to AVOID excavation and construction (shaded in green) and the areas where regular movement, activity and/or construction are more likely to attract beneficial opportunity (shaded in red).  Of course, how beneficial the red shaded areas can be also depends on the interaction of the Annual Energy Influence with the inherent Fei Xing (Flying Stars) Feng Shui energy flow affecting the building as well as the influence of the surrounding land form.

These annual energy influences will affect every building around the world from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021.

Note: the compass sectors of your home and business are like 8 big pieces of pie that begin in the gravitational centre of the building and extend to the boundary lines of your property, irrespective of where the building is situated on the property.  You can determine the general location of each compass sector by standing in the centre of the building with a compass and taking note which rooms are located in which compass sectors.  If using a compass app on your iPhone, make sure it is calibrated to Magnetic North and NOT Map/True North.  The compass sectors and their corresponding degrees are:

North Sector:                337.5 - 22.5 degrees

Northeast Sector:         22.5 - 67.5 degrees

East Sector:                 67.5 - 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector:        112.5 - 157.5 degrees

South Sector:               157.5 - 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector:        202.5 - 247.5 degrees

West Sector:                247.5 - 292.5 degrees

Northwest Sector:        292.5 - 337.5 degrees

If construction or excavation occurs in a neighbouring property or along the roadside adjoining your property within a green shaded area (from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021), hang a beautiful sounding metallic windchime between the disturbance and your home or regularly play beautiful sounding piano music so that it is heard in the area of the building that is being disturbed.  The sound of metal (from the windchime and piano music) will help partially calm and deflect the disturbed qi, (depending on how large the disturbance is).  

You can also activate the annual Sun (Tai Yang) qi which will affect a third of the Northeast sector (Chou) which is closest to where NE meets North, from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021 with some digging, hammering and/or regular activity and movement to help reduce the effect of a negative disturbed area.

Here's a breakdown of the Annual 2020 Energy Influences which occur from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021:

Annual 7 Red Po Jun / Competitive Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2019 – 3 Feb 2020: Centre

The annual 7 Red energy is associated with communications, the mouth and lungs and can highlight additional competition, anger, miscommunication, gossip, respiratory issues and/or injury by metal/sharp objects.  This year it resides in the centre of the Dao and indicates communications and lung/breathing issues in general are more likely to occur for many individuals this year.  2020 is therefore a good year to practice deep breathing healing techniques (such as the 4-7-8 breathing technique for combating anxiety) and consider learning more about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) while taking the time to truly listen from the heart and with compassion, while also working on fine tuning your communication and negotiating skills.

Annual 1 White Tan Lang Intelligence Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: Northeast Sector (22.5-67.5 degrees)

The annual 1 Tan Lang energy supports intelligent decision making, wisdom, learning, financial negotiation and literary achievement. The interaction of the 1 water qi joining forces with the inherent earth qi in the Northeast sector requires some harmonising metal element via metallic ornaments that are curved or round in shape and/or some additional white, silver, gold, golden yellow, brass or bronze colour added to the Northeast sector this year.

Annual 2 Black Ju Men Monarch of Sickness Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: South Sector (157.5 – 202.5 degrees)

This year the South sector is affected by the annual 2 Black Ju Men and the annual Sarm Sart energy.  This indicates you should avoid renovation, construction, excavation or cutting down trees in the South sector of your home and property this year.

The sickness qi that attaches itself to the annual 2 Black energy can gradually weaken the immune system for anyone predominantly using the affected area as an office or bedroom.  The 2 energy is a carrier of sickness qi, not the sickness itself. 

If you reduce the sickness qi from the 2 energy by enticing its focus with a combination of metal element and a gourd (also known as a wu lu or calabash), then it can be used productively to support luck potential connected with long term savings and diligent budgeting.  It is therefore recommended that you place a dried gourd with a hole cut into the top section of the gourd, or a gourd-shaped empty metallic vase in the South sector of your home this year and regularly space clear the area with the protective sound of metal via harmonious piano music, a singing bowl or space clearing bell. 


Annual 3 Jade Lu Cun (Quarrel/Competitive) Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: North Sector (337.5-22.5 degrees)

This year the annual 3 Lu Cun affects the entire North sector while the annual Tai Sui energy affects the centre of the North sector, thus indicating you should avoid facing directly towards North for extended periods of time when working, studying and attending important meetings this year and you should also avoid renovation, construction, excavation or cutting down trees in the centre of the North sector until 3 Feb 2021.

The annual 3 Jade has a tendency to attract quarrels, political manoeuvring and litigious issues.  That being said, this energy can also draw in big wins and equally big losses from a financial perspective, so if you wish to harness the qi of the annual 3, you need to understand its inherent character in order to do so productively.  Generally speaking, the influence of the 3 Jade (when used correctly), can help bring a shy individual out of their shell, attract opportunities for people working in the legal fraternity, dispute resolution, banking, financial planning, gambling, competitive sports, sales and aggressive promotion.

Annual 4 Green Wen Qu Romance & Scholarly Energy   

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: Southwest Sector (202.5-247.5 degrees)

The creative energy of the annual 4 Green supports academics, people in the entertainment industry, writers, artists, designers, teachers, researchers, scholars, romantics and creative/academic individuals in general.   The annual Dragon Virtue energy also affects a third of the SW sector this year in Wei, (closest to where SW meets South).  This indicates you can tap into additional creative energy that can open doors to new opportunity (esp via any form of upskilling and/or education) if spending a lot of time in the Dragon Virtue location within the Southwest sector this year, however avoid disturbing the earth with excavation or having any prolonged hammering, drilling or sawing in the Dragon Virtue location due to the influence of the Sarm Sart also affecting this section of the Southwest sector this year. 

Annual Wu Wang / 5 Yellow Lian Zhen Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: East Sector (67.5-112.5 degrees)

This is a negative annual energy influence that can attract misfortune to the occupants if disturbed by renovations, excavation and/or cutting down trees in the East sector of your home, business and/or property.  This also includes neighbouring properties alongside the East sector of your property, so if for example your neighbour bordering the East sector of your property is currently constructing a house or excavating for a pool on their land, then this disturbance in the East sector can also affect you. If this occurs, add additional metal element (ie metallic objects such as a string of I-Ching coins tied with golden yellow thread, a metallic windchime, chiming pendulum clock, brass bell, singing bowl and/or metallic ornaments that are curved or round in shape, the sound of beautiful piano music, white, gold, silver, brass, bronze, copper and golden yellow colours) to the East sector of your home and property (between the disturbance and your home) to help reduce the negative 5 earth qi with metal. 

If there is no excavation or renovation occurring in the East sector this year, then the qi of the annual 5 Yellow is less likely to become a problem for you.  If you are sleeping or working in the East sector, the addition of golden yellow or gold colour and the regular sound of a singing bowl or harmonious piano music will help keep the qi benevolent.

Note: If you happen to have an inherent water star 8 energy permanently residing in the East sector of your property, then the addition of clean, still or very gently moving water in the East sector of your surrounding landform can link the annual 5 earth qi to the ruling 8 earth qi and stimulate abundance energy returning to you (ie in the form of debts being paid back, commission, interest etc).

Annual 6 White Wu Qu / Authority & Promotion Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: Southeast Sector (112.5 – 157.5 degrees)

The annual 6 energy attracts positive opportunities for building authority, leadership, taking on added responsibilities and gaining recognition and/or mentoring from people in positions of power. Add some water element colour via black or medium-dark blue colour to harmonise the qi of the annual 6 while it resides in the Southeast sector.  The addition of some harmonising water element to the Southeast sector this year will also help reduce the potential for pressure around the head, neck and shoulder area.

Annual 8 White Zuo Fu / Abundance Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: Northwest Sector (292.5-337.5 degrees)

The annual 8 White energy is an inherently positive qi and it will attract abundance opportunity and the energy of growth and accumulation to the Northwest sector this year.

Annual 9 Purple / You Bi Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: West Sector (247.5-292.5 degrees)

The annual 9 Purple energy enhances the inherent energy within the natal chart of the sector where it resides, so if the inherent energy in the West Sector of your home is harmonious with the presence of fire, then it will amplify the effect.  Otherwise, you may need to tone down the effect of the central 9 qi depending on what inherent energy affects this location in your home.

Annual Sarm Sart / 3 Sha Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: (142.5-217.5 degrees)

This annual energy influence affects the entire South Sector plus extends into Si and Wei on either side. Do not substantially renovate, construct, excavate or cut down trees in the South sector or you risk disturbing the Sarm Sart energy and activating 3 types of negative energy for the occupants.  This also applies to disturbance on the roadside or in a neighbour’s property bordering the South side of your property.

If there is unavoidable disturbance in the South sector via a neighbour’s construction or roadworks etc, you can partly redirect the disturbed qi by applying earth acupuncture to the annual Sun location which will affect a third of the Northeast sector in Chou, (which closest to where the Northeast sector meets the North sector).  You can redirect the qi from the disturbed annual energy influence by regularly digging, drilling, hammering, exercising or having a continually moving object such as a fan or oscillating air filter positioned in the annual Sun location during and after the disturbance in the South sector has occurred.

Also, try to avoid sitting with the annual Sarm Sart directly behind you for extended periods of time while working, studying or attending important meetings.  It’s fine to sit facing towards the annual Sarm Sart energy (ie facing towards South as this will place you in a position of power in regard to negotiating).

Annual Sui Po (Year Breaker)

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: (Wu) S2 (172.5-187.5 degrees)

(Covers 15 degrees within the centre of the South sector)

This annual energy is in direct conflict with the Tai Sui energy of the year.   You should avoid renovating, excavating or cutting down trees in this location of your home, business and property while it is thus afflicted, otherwise you risk triggering misfortune for the occupants of the dwelling.   

Annual Tai Sui / Grand Duke Jupiter Energy

Position:  4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: (Zi) N2 (352.5-7.5 degrees)

(Covers 15 degrees within the centre of the North sector)

This annual energy affects 15 degrees of the compass each year.  Do not substantially renovate, dig up the earth or cut down trees in this location of your home, office or property or you risk triggering misfortune associated with illness, loss of finances, and damage to your reputation and/or relationships. 

You can place a Pi Yao or Kilin in the centre of the North sector facing towards South or diagonally opposite in the centre of the South sector facing towards North to help symbolically appease the Grand Duke/Tai Sui energy, especially if your Earthly Branch/Chinese Animal sign is in conflict with the Tai Sui position.  In 2020 the Wu/Horse energy is in conflict with the Zi/Rat year energy). 

People with Wu/Horse in their 4 Pillars birth chart can symbolically help avert the clashing qi in 2020 by wearing an Ox pendant or keeping an image or Chinese Calligraphy representing Ox (Chou) near where you sleep & work because the Ox energy can help redirect the clash of qi.  If you were born in the year of the Horse, then you can expect a lot of change to occur this year and this may even entail moving.  If you were born in the month of the Horse, then the clash of qi is more likely to connect with change associated with your work environment and/or parents.  If you were born on the day of the Horse, then your closest relationships are likely to be affected by change and if you were born in the hour of the Horse, then change is likely to connect with your children and/or important projects or investments.

When attending important meetings, giving presentations, negotiating with clients, attending interviews or when sitting at your work desk for extended periods of time, do not sit facing directly towards the Tai Sui or you will face additional obstacles.  It's fine to have the Tai Sui behind you when working or giving presentations as it will strengthen and support your position.

So, what this means, is that from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021, you should avoid facing towards 352.5-7.5 degrees North for extended periods of time while working/studying/giving important presentations, attending important meetings etc.

If you regularly confront the annual Tai Sui energy while working, meeting with important clients or while studying, it’s like facing a brick wall, with productivity and creativity more likely to be blocked.  However, if you sit with the Tai Sui direction behind you while dealing with important clients, then the Tai Sui energy will automatically support your back and place you in a position of increased power and simultaneously help weaken your opponent.

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