Feng Shui Tips for 2021 Year of the Metal Ox

Posted on January 08, 2021 by Derelle Ball

Annual Feng Shui Chart for the Xin Chou (Metal Ox) Year

Note: when applying the compass sectors and annual energy influences showing above to your home or business, the centre of the compass should be positioned within the centre of the building and each compass sector extends out to the boundary of the property.  If using an iPhone compass app to determine North when standing in the centre of the building, make sure the compass app is callibrated to Magnetic North and NOT Map North.

During the Xin Chou (Metal Ox) year we journey from last year’s excess of fearfulness and miscommunication to a year of taking on more responsibility, needing to be more frugal and conservative, reconnecting with your tribe and getting on with the job, as demonstrated by the central 6 White (Wu Qu) energy that will reside in the centre of the Luo Shu from 4 Feb 2021 until 3 Feb 2022.   

This energy sets the general stage for the Metal Ox year and places the spotlight on leadership, professional reputation, added responsibility, isolation, the lungs, colon, brain, mental illness and value through real estate.  

For those of you looking to invest in real estate in Australia, 2021 marks the beginning of a rising phase in property values that will likely peak around 2026.  Shortly after 2026 and until around the early 2030's we are then more likely to see a correction phase in the market where property values may decline.  Note: apartments are already in over-supply in major cities here, so they are less likely to follow the increase in value that will be seen elsewhere over the next 5 years.

The Xin Chou year brings innovative new technologies created to help us deal with Covid-19 better, however general health issues connected with the breathing organs, belly/spleen and colon will still likely be prevalent.  There is also a higher probability of unexpected health-related issues emerging in connection with domestic animals, giving rise to the need to control unsustainable exploitation of our flora and fauna, including the trade of wild species.   The continuation of the arms race, driven by arrogant politicians is also more likely to occur.

The way we use and farm the land is likely to improve via technological advancements and the concept of community run farms and agricultural cooperatives will continue to evolve.  Certainly, when looking at the big picture over the next 60 years, there will be massive change connected with the way in which we travel, communicate, get educated, farm, spend money and do business in general and we will start to see these changes emerging from 2021.

Xin Chou represents the Heavenly Stem of Yin Metal sitting on the Earthly Branch of Chou (which contains Yin Earth, Yin Water and Yin Metal).  Although Metal and Earth combine favourably, this mix is unbalanced with so much yin qi.  The Earth qi is cold as there is a lack of accessible Fire qi to warm the Earth and forge the Metal, thus indicating certain long term foundations will continue to buckle and fall before they can be rebuilt and improved upon.  This does not mean there will be no more extreme bush fires however – far from it unfortunately, however there will also likely be new technology emerging to help us adapt and live more sustainably.

The Melodic Element for the Xin Chou year is Earth and this indicates meditation and adopting the attitude of a pragmatic optimist will be valuable tools to help get you through 2021.  Chou also represents the storage of Metal and Xin is Yin Metal, thus the subconscious sound of Metal singing through Earth will be heard in 2021.  For some this will have a protective, adaptive and highly innovative influence and for others it may sound more like a call to arms.  

Referring to the Annual Feng Shui Chart for the Xin Chou Year, (showing above), the West sector (and either side within the red shaded areas) is where the most productive annual energy will reside from 4 Feb 2021 until 3 Feb 2022.  This is where regular movement, activity, excavation, construction and renovation are more likely to benefit the occupants of your home and business this year.

The green shaded areas indicate the locations in and around your home, business and property where you should aim to avoid excavation, tree removal and prolonged hammering, drilling or sawing.  There are of course caveats to this general rule alongside Date Selection where you can redirect disturbed Tai Sui energy via simultaneous activation in the Zi/Rat location (for example); or avoid stirring up 3 types of misfortune via disturbance to the annual San Sha (also known as the 3 Killings) by using Sun Ceremony Dates in conjunction with Date Selection for the specific building and its occupants.  The annual Tai Yang qi can also be carefully activated in some cases to redirect disturbed qi depending on the inherent fei xing feng shui energy flow, the individual's 4 Pillars and specific timing.

If you are seeking to remove obstacles on your pathway to success and wish to focus on transforming perceived problems into new opportunities, spend some time decluttering, meditating and/or digging in the earth within the Long De location (shaded in red within the Southwest sector) where activation of this qi (transformative energy) can support forward momentum. 

If you are seeking to connect with growth, happiness and vitality energy that can also open the door to abundance opportunity, spend some time decluttering, meditating and/or digging in the earth within the the Fu De location (shaded in red within the Northwest sector). 

Note:  if you are familiar with Date Selection (eg T’ong Shu, 12 Day Officer, Dong Gong, Xuan Kong Da Gua,Qi Men Dun Jia), choose a favourable time that connects to your personal 4 Pillars astrology to activate the auspicious annual 8 White qi affecting the entire West sector and the Long De and/or Fu De location to maximise the beneficial energy generated.

The regular sound of beautiful relaxing piano music in conjunction with gold or golden yellow colour will bring protective energy to the Southeast and North sectors this year.

The annual 2 Black (Ju Men) energy in the North sector can help you grow in spiritual connectedness as well as encourage frugal savings.  Sickness qi tends to travel alongside the annual 2 Black and you can keep the sickness qi occupied and less likely to connect fully with the occupants by enticing it with an organic dried gourd with a hole cut into the top section and/or an empty gourd-shaped metallic vase with a big belly, narrow neck and an opening at the top. 

A healthy plant in a green, black or blue pot in the South sector will connect the inherent Fire qi of the Li Trigram with the visiting water qi of the annual 1 White (Tan Lang).  This annual energy influence connects with intelligence and fluid thinking.

A healthy plant growing in water and/or adding black or dark blue colour to the Northwest sector will help calm potential argumentative crossed swords energy from the annual 7 Red (Po Jun) connecting with the Qian Trigram.  Solutions to arguments can be found when spending time activating the annual Fu De location within the Northwest sector this year.

How the annual energy influences will affect the remaining compass sectors of your home and business this year depends on the inherent energy flow according to the Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui and its interaction with the surrounding landform. 

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