On-Site Space Clearing (Brisbane and surrounding suburbs only)

On-Site Space Clearing (Brisbane and surrounding suburbs only)

Soothe your soul and revitalise your surroundings with energised space clearing

Space Clearing is a valuable tool to re-energise your home and business, especially after sickness, dealing with difficult people, when moving into a new home or business, when feeling stuck and lacking direction and when seeking change and a fresh new burst of positive qi (transformative energy). 

Ideally, it’s easier to Space Clear a business on a weekend or when nobody is actually working there. It’s preferable to conduct a Space Clearing during daylight hours – particularly in the morning. Before the Space Clearing, please declutter the area so main thoroughfares are not blocked, and wipe over hard, dust collecting surfaces with a microfibre cloth and essential lavender oil or alternatively use “Pledge Grab It Electrostatic Dusting Cloths” which are available in the cleaning sections of most supermarkets.   Check out my blog for a Q&A Space Clearing article that tells you more about the process and how I go about it. 

Client Feedback:


"Hi Derelle

Thank you for Friday. Our pleasure as usual. It certainly was a wonderful way to start the new working year. The clinic feels very light & it is a joy to work there".

KS, Toowong

For further information, please email Derelle at centaine@iinet.net.au

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