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Feng Shui Activation for Deeper Connections
August 12, 2020
Feng Shui Tip for locating your Peach Blossom Romance location and how to activate it
What is My 4 Pillars Birth Chart?
August 12, 2020
Use this handy table to calculate your personal 4 Pillars astrology birth chart and then read about inherent characteristics relating to your Day Master energy.
2020 and the Central 7 Qi from a Feng Shui Perspective
March 09, 2020

This morning I was pondering the influence of the central 7 Red/Po Jun energy from an annual feng shui perspective, as part of the Dui Trigram and via the 2020 annual energy influence chart showing below.  The red sectors indicate...

2020 Annual Flying Stars Plus the Favourable and Unfavourable Locations for Excavation and Construction during the Metal Rat Year
January 09, 2020
On 4 February 2020 the annual Feng Shui energies change location in and around your home and business and it pays to take a look at where these energies are located and whether or not they attract beneficial energy or can be a potential danger if disturbed with  excavation or construction.