Debunking Feng Shui Myths: Why the SE Corner Isn’t Necessarily Your 'Wealth' Location

Posted on July 18, 2024 by Derelle Ball

Have you ever been told to place a water feature in the Southeast corner of your home to attract wealth luck? This piece of advice is common for those starting their exploration into Feng Shui, however this advice is also misleading and can potentially attract financial misfortune instead.  Read more to find out why.

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Feng Shui Tips for Property Investors

Posted on November 14, 2023 by Derelle Ball

There are certain indicators from a Feng Shui perspective if a particular property is more likely to be a problem, simply from the compass orientation of the building itself. Within the 360 degrees of the compass there are certain orientations that increase the probability of issues due to blockage and confusion of qi.  Having a regular rental income flowing in from happy, healthy and financially secure tenants is important for making a long term investment in property work successfully for the property investor and this is where the application of classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui can help (alongside having a great property manager ;-)

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Exploring the Four Laws of Ecology & Classical Feng Shui

Posted on August 25, 2023 by Derelle Ball

The principles of Ecology and Feng Shui, though rooted in vastly different cultural and academic traditions, converge in their respect and understanding of the environment. At the heart of both disciplines lies the recognition that our surroundings deeply influence our lives. Let's explore the Four Laws of Ecology and understand how they relate to the principles of Classical Feng Shui.

1. Everything is Connected to Everything Else

Ecologists have long emphasized that every organism, environment and element in an ecosystem is intertwined. A change in one area can ripple out and affect other areas. This interconnection ensures the delicate balance that keeps an ecosystem thriving.

In the realm of Feng Shui, the concept of Qi (transformative life force energy), underlines this interconnectedness. Just as water flows through a landscape connecting different parts, Qi flows through and above the earth and our living spaces. If the flow of Qi is blocked or misdirected, it can influence our health, abundance opportunity and emotions. By ensuring a harmonious flow of Qi, Feng Shui aims to establish a nurturing connection between the inhabitants and their environment.

2. Everything Must Go Somewhere

Barry Commoner, an influential Ecologist, proclaimed that there’s no such thing as ‘throwing something away.’ Whatever we discard remains in the environment in some form. Waste, pollution and any product we create, doesn't just vanish; it moves, settles and influences some other part of the ecosystem.

From a Feng Shui perspective, if there’s a significantly cluttered area in your home, it can stagnate energy, leading to potential issues in your life. The practice of Feng Shui, much like Ecology, teaches us to be mindful of where energy or items are directed or stored, ensuring balance and harmony.

3. Nature Knows Best

Nature, with billions of years of evolution under its belt, operates with a wisdom that human endeavours often struggle to comprehend. Ecosystems have a way of self-regulating, maintaining balance and ensuring survival.

Classical Feng Shui, too, respects the natural order. Authentic Feng Shui practices avoid trinket remedies and instead focus on aligning human-made spaces with the natural world. Whether it's by orientating a home to harness the best natural energies or by placing a bed in alignment with Earth's magnetic fields, Feng Shui acknowledges and celebrates the wisdom of nature.

4. There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Every benefit we reap from the environment comes at a cost. While we might enjoy short-term gains from exploiting natural resources, the long-term repercussions are often detrimental.

This principle mirrors Feng Shui’s concept of balance. Over-emphasizing one aspect of your life or space can lead to neglect in others. For example, if you overly focus on accumulating abundance Qi via the activation of auspicious water star energies, yet neglect to position your bed so that the bedhead draws in benevolent mountain star energy that is supported in the surrounding landform, you will likely find that while wealth opportunity flows in, your well-being suffers. It’s a reminder that everything has its price and that true harmony requires balance in all facets of our lives. 

Connecting the Dots: Ecology Meets Feng Shui

At the heart of both Ecology and Feng Shui is a profound respect for the environment. While Ecologists study interactions in natural habitats to ensure sustainability, Feng Shui Masters analyse spaces to optimize life energy. Both recognise that short-sighted actions can lead to long-term consequences and balance, sustainability and respect for the natural world around us is essential for harmony and well-being.

In today's world, where our environment is under threat and mental well-being is often at stake, integrating the wisdom of Ecology and Feng Shui can provide a holistic path forward. By understanding and respecting the principles that govern nature and energy, we can create spaces that not only nurture us but also tread lightly on the planet.

Australian Feng Shui Master/Consultant, Derelle Ball can help you enhance the health, wealth and nurturing Feng Shui potential of your home with a detailed user-friendly Feng Shui Report.  For further information click: Off-Site Residential Feng Shui Consultation.  

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The Fixed Bagua 8 Aspirations Method: A Misconstrued Representation of Authentic Feng Shui

Posted on July 29, 2023 by Derelle Ball

In this article we’ll examine the fascinating field of Feng Shui and debunk some commonly held misconceptions. One of the more prominent misunderstandings is the perceived authenticity of the Fixed Bagua 8 Aspirations Method. While popular in the Western world, this method is not an accurate representation of authentic Feng Shui as practiced and recognized by traditional Feng Shui Masters.

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Harmonizing Your Home: A Modern Approach to Feng Shui

Posted on July 16, 2023 by Derelle Ball

Feng Shui, translating to 'wind/water', refers to the idea that qi (unseen transformative energy that travels along magnetic pathways in and around the earth) is dispersed by wind and retained by water.   The Feng Shui ideal is to attract positive (sheng) qi via thoughtful design, magnetic orientation, supportive landform and careful placement of water and active elements (such as external doors).

For the contemporary homeowner seeking to benefit from the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, it would be wise to integrate the study of Xuan Kong Fei Xing Pai (Time-Space Flying Stars School) Feng Shui and San He Landform & Water Methods analysis. Pairing this with an understanding and respect for sustainable development will allow us to live in harmony with our surroundings.

Placing your main entry and regularly used external doorways within a favourable water star location (according to the Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui natal chart of your home) will ensure productive energy is able to freely enter and circulate within your home.  If there is an active water feature strategically positioned in view of the door, qi connected with abundance opportunity has the potential to accumulate over the long term.

Your home should be designed for the climate and terrain it's built on. When planning your home, consider the land's natural contours, the elliptical path of the sun and surrounding natural resources. Ensure your home allows ample natural light, has good insulation and ventilation, is energy-efficient and supportive of its occupants. Your home, after all, should feel like a sanctuary, a place to rest and recharge.

Remember, we humans thrive in the presence of nature—it restores us and stimulates our creative functions. With Xuan Kong Feng Shui, we can address the unseen energy flow around us and help orient the occupants within a dwelling to benefit from positive, health-boosting qi. 

Mountain star energy is supported by raised landform in the external environment and tends to reside within solid walls and heavy solid furniture.  If you sleep with your bedhead resting against a beneficial mountain star qi that communicates favourably with your personal Ming Gua, then you will be plugging in your internal batteries each night while absorbing beneficial health and relationship energy.

In this tech-driven era, it's also crucial to address electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in our homes. EMR can travel through walls unless there's magnetic shielding in place. Awareness of such potential health hazards is an important step to ensuring the health and well-being of the household.

You should check what is located on the other side of the wall where your bedhead is positioned and avoid situations where you may be affected by an electrical meter box or transformer attached to a large electrical object on the other side of the wall and in line with your bedhead.

Also avoid having your bedhead placed against a wall adjoining a wet area where water pipes reside within the wall cavity. 

Did you know certain indoor plants can help purify the air of toxins found in common household cleaning agents? It's a small addition that can make a world of difference. Don't forget to also allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home regularly by opening windows and doors.

And finally, don't sweat about constant tidiness. Instead, focus on creating a welcoming, warm, and comfortable home.

To assist you on this journey, Feng Shui Master Derelle Ball can provide a comprehensive, user-friendly Feng Shui report to help you enhance your home's potential. For further information click: Off-Site Residential Feng Shui Consultation.  

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