Feng Shui Tips for Property Investors

Posted on November 14, 2023 by Derelle Ball

The world of property investing is vast and the emphasis these days, when it comes to property investing, is to have a 10+ year plan in place because (generally speaking) property has the potential to double in value every 7-15 years via capital growth, especially if you concentrate on investing in low supply, high demand areas with good rental return, demographics and new infrastructure and/or an area undergoing gentrification. 

Depending on your age and stage in life, you can leverage off your initial deposit and purchase costs via weekly tax back strategies to lower negative gearing costs, investing in brand new builds for full depreciation tax benefits, dual key occupancies or room-by-room rental options for higher rental return and manufactured growth through renovating, adding a granny flat, strata, subdividing and so on, which can help the investor to access enough rental income to cover a significant amount of the mortgage cost, management fee and other associated costs.

Nobody wants to buy a rogue property! This is the sort of property that appears fine on the outside, yet for some inexplicable reason, the tenants keep damaging the property and/or experiencing unexpected chronic health issues and/or financial hardship which forces them to prematurely end the lease and move out. This is exactly what the savvy property investor wants to avoid. An empty property costs them money, and the longer it is empty, the more strain they will feel on their finances.

So, having a regular rental income flowing in from happy, healthy and financially secure tenants is important for making a long term investment in property work successfully for the property investor and this is where the application of classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui can help (alongside having a great property manager ;-)

There are certain indicators from a Feng Shui perspective if a particular property is more likely to be a problem, simply from the compass orientation of the building itself. Within the 360 degrees of the compass there are certain orientations that increase the probability of issues due to blockage and confusion of qi.

Now if you’re wondering what ‘qi’ is, the closest definition to describe it (to someone totally unfamiliar with Feng Shui and metaphysics in general) is transformative energy. It is the energy that connects and has the potential to transform all living and organic things (whether it’s a person, a thought, an animal, mountain, river, mist, tree or rock) and it flows according to magnetic pathways within and above the earth as well as within meridian pathways inside your body.

The quality and character of qi as it affects a particular building can be analysed via the surrounding landform, the construction/renovation history of the building and the precise compass orientation of the building itself.

The application of Xuan Kong Fei Xing/Flying Star Feng Shui in conjunction with analysing the effect of the surrounding landform allows me to assess potential issues that may be more likely to crop up for the tenants.   For example there are some energy combinations that indicate a much higher probability of theft in a particular location of a property. I recently did the Feng Shui for a home where this energy was very high in the client’s garage. She had only moved in a year earlier and I asked her, “so what was stolen out of your garage?” She was gobsmacked and asked how on earth did I know about that? I explained it was the combination of location, surrounding landform and the Fei Xing that indicated a triptych effect of probability.

What I have found over the years is that when the probability of the Fei Xing is heightened by the annual energy also affecting the location plus the surrounding landform supports this effect – BINGO the event usually ends up occurring UNLESS you are aware of the probability and take the necessary steps to reduce its effect.

When looking at the investment potential of a commercial property, the application of Xuan Kong Feng Shui allows me to ascertain the type of clientele who would be more attracted to and better supported by the qi generated at the main entry to the business. In some cases, the energy may only suit a business specifically dealing in the health industry (ie pharmacy, medical practitioners and specialists etc) while for everyone else, the energy may continually and significantly drain the finances of the business.

This knowledge is particularly handy when targeting your market for advertising, constructing or renovating business premises.

Sometimes, the process of renovating a business can dramatically alter the effect of the qi and I can tell you before-hand, what this effect will be, how it will affect the main entry and how to make the most of it in regard to your targeted future rental clientele.

Now some of you may be familiar with generalised concepts such as a fixed bagua map or compass map that asserts the SE sector and/or far left corner of a building automatically corresponds to the ‘wealth’ sector and thus needs a water feature and/or a ‘money plant’ to activate the wealth qi. This is a form of new age feng shui that was invented in America in the late 1970’s and it unfortunately has very little to do with authentic Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

Since beginning my professional Feng Shui consulting business in 2000, I have lost count of the number of homes and business’ I have come across that have experienced significant financial and/or health loss due to the naïve application of this process – ie adding a large water feature to the SE sector and/or far left hand corner of their home or property. The truth is, if it was really so very easy, surely EVERYONE would be millionaires by now!

Anyway, another handy tool Xuan Kong Feng Shui can provide the savvy property investor is Date Selection. Now this in itself ranges in complexity from simple 12 Day Officer and Dong Gong processes to the more advanced 4 Pillars, Xuan Kong Da Gua and Qi Men Dun Jia applications. Yes, some dates are deemed much better than others for signing contracts, starting your construction and renovations, meeting with your bank manager and potential joint venture partners and so on.

Wouldn’t you like to have probability on your side when embarking on your property investment journey?

For those of you interested in property investing, here are some links to get you started:

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And finally, here are some things I've personally learnt along the way:

Dellie’s Golden Rules for Financial Empowerment

The most important investment you can make is in yourself via education and mindset.  Self Development has never been more accessible via YouTube, podcasts, TED Talks, Facebook groups, kindle books, online articles, webinars and Generative AI to polish your professional persona and find exactly what you are searching for.  Learn from the real-life experience and perspectives of others.

Declutter mentally and externally.  Your external environment is an indicator of what is going on in your head.  If you are surrounded by piles of stuff in your bedroom, office, shed and/or living area, you are hoarding and procrastinating your life away.  Time to clear the clutter and make room for new opportunity.

There is no secret trick, symbolic object or repetitive mantra to getting rich quick.  Financial Empowerment begins with 'owning your shit'.  Acknowledging and taking responsibility for your current financial predicament and spending/savings habits are the first vital steps. 

That being said, from a Feng Shui perspective I can help you locate where energy connected with abundance opportunity enters your home, business and property and how to activate and potentially accumulate this energy, depending on the usage of the space and the effect of the surrounding landform.  However, it is still completely up to you whether or not you choose to take action on my Feng Shui recommendations and how you combine your education and self discipline in order to make productive use of this energy. 

Luck = Labour Under Correct Knowledge 

Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone.  In order to facilitate change you must be prepared to change.

Surround yourself with motivating individuals who have already achieved their own Financial Empowerment and are achieving goals that align with your own personal aspirations. 

Work smarter not harder using SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Aligning these parameters to your goals helps transform your dreams into reality via attainable objectives within a certain time frame.

Be disciplined with your monthly budget and ensure you allow for accumulated expenses (ie bills that are due fortnightly, monthly, bi-annually or yearly).

Learn about leveraging and compound interest. What would you prefer: $1 Million or 1 Cent that Doubles Each Day for 30 Days?  If your answer was $1 Million, you should watch this:


Educate yourself on the difference between good debt and bad debt.  A really simple way of looking at it is: Bad Debt costs you money while Good Debt makes you money, and remember, cashflow is king (ie if you invest in an asset that consistently makes you money, then this can be considered Good Debt). 

    Australian Feng Shui Master Consultant, Derelle Ball can help you enhance the health, wealth and nurturing Feng Shui potential of your home with a detailed user-friendly Feng Shui Report.  For further information visit: Off-Site Residential Feng Shui Consultation.  

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