An Example of Feng Shui Recommendations Given to a Client

Posted on April 11, 2024 by Derelle Ball

Here’s an example of Feng Shui recommendations given to a client who’d initially contacted me asking why his luck had suddenly turned negative after installing a water feature in his ‘Wealth Location’. 

When I asked him how he’d determined this alleged ‘wealth location’ he sent me a copy of a Fixed Bagua Map with 9 boxes, with each box being labelled with a direction and a description (eg the box marked ‘Southeast sector/far left corner’ contained the label “Wealth Location”).  I informed him this was not authentic Feng Shui as it did not assess the actual Qi (transformative energy) affecting his home and property.

If you are flabbergasted by the Southeast sector or far left corner not automatically being the “wealth location’, you may also want to read this article:

Anyway, back to the example.  The client’s home was constructed in 2012 and faces 2 degrees North (when measured according to Magnetic North and NOT via Map North) which meant the Southeast sector (and far left corner) of his home and property was affected by an inherent water star 3 energy which was being activated by the large solar powered fountain he had installed in this sector of his property.  I pointed out a water feature in this location was likely to attract increased quarrelsome and potentially litigious issues to this household.  His succinct reply was “this is indeed what has happened, hence the reason behind my calling you”.

I gave him instructions for relocating the water feature to the North sector of his front yard where he had an auspicious water star 9 energy.  The water feature was strategically positioned to connect with a beneficial Ju Men water dragon location that communicates favourably with the timely Hexagram orientation of the main door. 

A specific time frame was calculated to connect supportive Hexagram communication between the main door (which now acts as the receiver/transmitter of abundance qi), the water feature location and the client’s year of birth Hexagram.  Now that we are in the Period of 9, this energy is even stronger and will remain very auspicious for the next 20 years.

The client’s young son was originally sleeping in the East sector of his home and when asked why, the client replied this was the alleged “health and ancestors” location according to the fixed Bagua Map ideology.  The actual Feng Shui energy flow affecting the East sector of this particular home was a 5 6 2 combination which is in fact very negative health wise, especially for a young child.  Fortunately, the walls in their son’s bedroom had been painted a soft golden yellow hue, which gave him some protection in the short term, however, his Ming Gua 9 Fire qi was feeding energy to the mountain star 5 while he slept in this room and this was draining him health-wise. 

The ‘ancestors’ label was interesting in this case because the inherent 5 6 2 in the East sector of this specific home is known to create a bridge between the unseen ghostly world and the physical world, and not necessarily in a good way.  Clients with this combination in their home often comment about experiencing unusual ghostly phenomena while living there and in this case, while sleeping in the East sector, the son had claimed to have spoken with his deceased grandfather while also becoming increasingly stubborn and opinionated.

I recommended relocating his son to the Southeast sector bedroom with his bedhead pointing towards South.  This connected the son with mountain star 4 Wood qi nurturing his Ming Gua 9 Fire while supporting academia and creative expression while sleeping.  The Southeast sector is his son’s personal Tian Yi/Heavenly Doctor location in this home and the South orientation of his bedhead taps into his personal Fu Wei/Stability and Personal Development Qi.

The Southwest sector master bedroom was decorated with a lot of red and rose colour and this weakened the otherwise good energy flow of the inherent 6 5 1 combination.  I recommended redecorating the Southwest sector with a combination of any of the following: white, black, brown, sand, grey, medium-dark blue, navy, lilac with a cool blue base, gold, golden yellow, silver, brass, bronze, pewter colour, metallic ornaments that are round or curved in shape.  This enhanced the inherent Qi flow to connect the occupants of the master bedroom with financial acumen, wisdom and leadership support.  The bed was also repositioned against the external wall in the Southwest sector to support their combined Ming Gua 2 and 1 energies.

Further detailed recommendations for each room and the surrounding landform were covered in the initial report. 

A recent annual update for this particular home recommended rebirthing the North sector water feature during a specific time frame, placing some empty gourd-shaped vases in the Southeast sector until 3 Feb 2025 and supporting the strongest health qi affecting this home for the next 20 years by adding raised landform and a Bonsai of a Juniper tree to the Northeast sector. 

Of course, these recommendations only apply to this specific home.  In other cases, the recommendations may be completely different.  The natal chart of Feng Shui energy flow affecting a home depends on the magnetic orientation of the dwelling, the time period of construction and the influence of the surrounding landform.  This is why 2 homes sitting side by side can potentially have completely different Feng Shui energy flow when compared to each other.

So before you rush out to add water features, allocate children’s bedrooms or paint walls red according to fixed Bagua recommendations, it is a far safer option to first consult a Feng Shui Consultant conversant with authentic Classical Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui applications including San He (surrounding landform analysis), advanced Water Methods, Bazi (also known as 4 Pillars Astrology) and various Date Selection methodologies which tie it all together.

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