Determining the Time Period of Your Home from a Feng Shui Perspective

Posted on May 28, 2024 by Derelle Ball

When constructing a new home, the initial ground-breaking is the period of conception for the home that will be constructed on that building site.

The architects and builders who design and construct the home provide energy via the action taken to construct a physical body for the Spirit of the home to enter and settle once construction is completed.  The home itself will contain Yin Qi drawn in from the sitting orientation and Yang Qi drawn in from the facing orientation.  The Time Star will belong to the current Time Period occurring when construction of the home is completed, and this equates to the birth of the home.

In case you are confused as to the actual dates pertaining to the Time Periods of construction mentioned, they are as follows:

Period of 1: (4 Feb 1864 – 3 Feb 1884) 

Period of 2: (4 Feb 1884 – 4 Feb 1904)

Period of 3: (5 Feb 1904 – 4 Feb 1924)

Period of 4: (5 Feb 1924 – 4 Feb 1944)

Period of 5: (5 Feb 1944 – 4 Feb 1964)

Period of 6: (5 Feb 1964 – 3 Feb 1984)

Period of 7: (4 Feb 1984 – 3 Feb 2004)

Period of 8: (4 Feb 2004 – 3 Feb 2024)

Period of 9: (4 Feb 2024 – 4 Feb 2044)

If you are interested in finding out more about the current Period of 9 and whether or not your home has a central Ruling 9 water star abundance qi now locked in the centre of your home, please visit:

Period of 9 from a Feng Shui & Pragmatic Perspective

In some cases, it can be a bit confusing if construction of the home was completed towards the end of a particular Time Period and then it remained empty of occupants until the beginning of a new Time Period.  Perhaps because the Council took a few months to sign off on paperwork for the certificate of completion and occupancy, or perhaps because it was put on the market once construction was completed and then took a few months to sell.

In this case, let’s look at the example of a newly constructed 2 storey home, with the construction of the building completed during the Period of 8 (eg December 2023), certificates for completion and occupancy provided by Council to the owner/builder in March 2024 and it was then put on the market (while still vacant) and sold to a new family who moved their furniture into this home during the Period of 9 (eg April 2024). 

If a new family moved into this home without undergoing any additional structural changes or significant renovations to the home BEFORE moving in, and simply moved their belongings and furniture into the home and decorated the interior to suit their needs, the Spirit of the home would still belong to the original construction completion stage during the Period of 8.

When we talk about the Time Period of a home, we are looking at the combination of Heaven, Earth and Mankind energy coming together to form the Natal Chart of energy flow.  The ‘Heaven’ component is the timing of completion of the building being constructed, the ‘Earth’ part is the physical location and magnetic orientation of the building, and the ‘Mankind’ factor equates to the action people take when designing and constructing the building itself.  It is not simply the date when new occupants first move into a new or established home UNLESS the new occupants also substantially renovate and/or extend the home BEFORE they move in.

Some people mistakenly think the Heaven component or Spirit of a house is determined the day people move into a house – irrespective of whether it is a newly constructed home or a pre-existing older home.  Oh, if only it were that simple!  After 24 years consulting in Feng Shui, I’ve personally observed the changeover in Time Period from Period of 7 to Period of 8 and to the current Period of 9, with many homes fully constructed towards the end of one Time Period and the first occupants moving in during a different Time Period.  If they do nothing apart from move their furniture and belongings directly into the home, then the original Time Period of construction usually remains. 

That being said, the longer a new home is left vacant, the lower the level of Spirit qi as the energy will gradually stagnate over time.  If for example, a newly constructed home is left vacant for a number of years and then a family purchases the home and before moving in, they repaint, redo or polish flooring etc during a different Time Period to the original Time Period of construction, then once the renovations are completed BEFORE they have moved in, it is likely the Time Period of energy flow affecting the home will equate to when the renovations were completed.

How much Mankind effort is needed to complete the transition from one Time Period to another depends on the original house size and Time Period of the home, how long the house has remained empty, whether or not the home is vacant while the renovations/extensions occur and the influence of the original Time Period of energy flow.  For example, Period of 5 homes tend to contain very stubborn energy that is often more difficult to change over via renovation and may require more action (eg including potentially opening up a section of the ceiling and roof so that when standing inside you can see outside while looking up) while the renovation process occurs. 

Think of it like this – if your home were a child, conception occurs during the first ground-breaking of earth where the building will be constructed.  The action and effort of people building the physical structure creates a location for transformative spiritual energy as Yin and Yang Qi converge and interact within the structure, and once construction of the building is completed, the Spirit settles, and the home is born, and this determines the year of birth for the home. 

If, however the new construction of a building was for commercial business premises and a new owner or tenant renovated and refitted the building to suit their business, then it’s likely the Spirit of the building would match the date of occupancy after the refitting was completed.  If the new tenant occupies a certain section within the building, (with other businesses also located within the same building), then the Time Period of construction will apply to their individual section within the building once they have completed the renovation/refit before moving in and opening for business. 

There are ways of testing to see whether or not the energy flow affecting a home has completely changed from one Time Period to another via strategic placement of water in the Ruling Water location for the current Time Period.  A Feng Shui professional can help you with this in regard to where to test, for how long and what result you can expect to observe.

Anyway, just thought I’d write this article to help clear up some confusion about this subject.  If you are interested in having a full detailed Feng Shui assessment of your home, please visit:

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