Harmonizing Home and Self: An Introduction to the Power of Feng Shui

Posted on July 09, 2023 by Derelle Ball

Are you ready to dive into the enriching world of Feng Shui? Let's unravel the mystical ties that bind the Heavens and the Earth together and discover how they can transform your living space into an oasis of positive energy and harmony. Welcome to the power of the Bagua!

Did you know the Bagua, (which consists of 8 Trigrams), symbolizes different forces of nature which all play a unique role in our surroundings? The Trigrams are:

Qian (Heaven), Zhen (Thunder), Kan (Water), Gen (Mountain), Kun (Earth), Xun (Wind), Li (Fire), and Dui (Lake)

These Trigrams are at the heart of Feng Shui, helping us understand the Qi (transformative energy) and Yin/Yang balance in our environment and aiding in the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and energetically harmonised space.

There are also 2 Baguas.  They are the Xian Tian Bagua (which represents the 'body' as well as the ideal harmonious balance of human and natural forces) and the Hou Tian Bagua (which represents energy in motion and the potential for yin/yang transformation as human and natural forces interact with each other). 

Ever wondered why some spaces instantly put you at ease, while others just don't feel right? Feng Shui's Bagua philosophy holds the key. By understanding the I-Ching (also known as the 'Yijing' or 'Book of Changes') and its 64 Hexagram combinations, we can unlock the secrets of energy patterns and natural cycles that impact our lives.

Now let's debunk a common myth - Feng Shui is NOT about merely placing lucky charms around the house or splashing colours according to a fixed Bagua map. These new-age adaptations of Feng Shui can be fun but fail to address the inherent Qi dynamics affecting your home and property. Instead, they appeal to your Mankind Luck (ie your personal aspirations).  To genuinely embrace the actual Feng Shui effect, we need to understand the Qi flow in our surroundings and how we interact with it.

Feeling intrigued? Here's the crux - Feng Shui is about creating a living environment that nurtures its occupants. It's about understanding the balance and interactions of Yin and Yang. Just as Yin and Yang interact to create all that exists, Feng Shui principles enable us to create a home that fosters personal growth, harmony, and well-being.

Have you ever considered your home's construction period or its orientation? These are integral to understanding the flow of Qi and should play a crucial role in your home's design and decor. When assessing the effect of Feng Shui on your home, its important to use all five senses, carefully observe the surrounding landform and pay attention to the interaction of time (when the building was constructed), space (the orientation of the building and connection with surrounding landform), and action (how you make use of the internal floorplan). This will help determine which areas are auspicious and most supportive for each family member and which locations could be potentially harmful.

Be wary of those quick fixes that promise an abundance of good luck by merely placing a water feature in the SE corner or painting a SW sector wall red. They are not universal remedies and can often have unintended negative consequences.

Classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui is about fine-tuning your environment to better align with your personal energy and life path. It goes hand in hand with understanding your individual Heaven Luck (astrological influences) and Mankind Luck (your personal aspirations, education, choices and interactions). This comprehensive approach provides a road map for navigating life's peaks and valleys more smoothly.

Lastly, remember, while space clearing is an effective practice to refresh and revitalize the energy of your home, it’s also essential to understand the underlying Qi affecting the building and surrounding landform in order to avoid accidentally triggering a negative inherent or annual energy influence.

In conclusion, if you're interested in creating a quality living environment that supports and enhances your personal development, family harmony and productivity, Feng Shui can be your path forward. As you embark on this journey, remember - it's about harmonizing the energies around you via correct Feng Shui analysis and aligning them with your personal energy flow (eg via your Ming Gua and 4 Pillars astrology).

Ready to take the first step? Let's start your journey into the empowering world of Feng Shui today! For further information please visit: Off-Site Residential Feng Shui Consultation.  

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