A Beginner's Guide to Space Clearing

Posted on July 09, 2023 by Derelle Ball

Space Clearing is a wonderful process that can be used in conjunction with Feng Shui to help cleanse your home and office of negative qi (transformative energy).  Have you ever walked into a room and felt suddenly uncomfortable, cold, uneasy, or slightly nauseous?  Chances are you probably sensed a blockage of stagnant energy within the room.  This can be caused by all sorts of things such as an argument, moving into the office of a disgruntled ex-employee, residual illness qi, a room that has been locked up or used as storage for an extended period, moving into an office or bedroom that was once used by someone who was feeling angry or depressed and so on. 

Generally speaking, when a room is blocked with stagnant energy, it can negatively affect all forms of communication and lead to a decrease in the over-all health and vitality of the occupants.  That is why it is equally important to space clear the office as well as the home in order to help revitalise the path of harmonious interaction and communication for the occupants.

Here are some simple steps to Space Clear your home and office:

Open up as many doors, blinds and windows as possible and let in the fresh air and sunlight to encourage a healthy flow of fresh energy.  The best time to space clear is during the morning, up until around midday on a warm, sunny day.

Clear out and remove any clutter (ie messy piles of magazines, old paperwork, broken objects etc). 

Carefully wash and exfoliate your hands, right up to your elbows.  It helps to roll up your sleeves and remove your shoes and all metallic jewellery when you space clear.

Burn a pleasant, uplifting blend of 100% essential aromatherapy oils (eg bergamot, lavender and orange) or sandalwood incense to help clear the air and calm the atmosphere as you space cleanse.  Light up a sage smudge stick and beginning at the main door and working your way clockwise around each level of your home or business, take the smouldering smudge stick into each room.  Concentrate on the corners and areas in which people sit, eat or sleep or where there is a high volume of traffic (ie hallway).  Remember, qi tends to flow strongest around waist level, although it accumulates higher up walls in corners where it has stagnated.  As you walk around with the smudge stick, try to clear your mind of any negative thoughts.  Remain focused on your intention to cleanse and harmonise the space around you.

Next, walk around every room ringing a pleasant sounding bell, gong, clearing cymbals or singing bowl (the purer the sound of metal, the better).  The sound of metal is also great for draining the negative sickness qi from the annual 5 yellow and 2 sickness energy influences.

Visualise a pure golden, cleansing light of harmonious energy emanating from the bell and spreading throughout each room.

Walk around each room again, and pay extra attention to the corners.  Stagnant energy can be very sticky.  You may need to ring your bell loudly or clap your hands together quite loud to shift stubborn, stagnant energy. 

For a room full of extra stagnant energy, (ie after an argument or illness), place a saucer filled with coarse rock salt in the centre of the room before space clearing and once the entire work place has been space cleared, remove the salt and dispose of it outside the building.

Once you have space cleared your home or office, you may feel a little light headed at first.  Some people also instinctively feel like giggling.  It’s a wonderful feeling walking around a room that has been freshly space cleared.

It is very important that you wash and exfoliate your hands and forearms thoroughly once you have finished space clearing.  Negative energy is very sticky, and you may end up with a dull headache and stomach cramps if you wait too long to wash the qi build up from your hands. Before you go to bed that night, make sure you wash your entire body thoroughly. 

It is not wise to space clear if you are suffering from an illness as your thoughts will tend to be distracted and you may inadvertently absorb negative qi which could then produce headaches and feelings of nausea.

If you are space clearing an office before a grand opening, ideally, you should check with a qualified Feng Shui consultant in regard to date selection for the event in order to avoid potential negative repercussions via clashing energy that may be affecting the building or its occupants on that particular day.

Note: the image attached to this guide shows my own personal space clearing tools, which include solfeggio tuning forks.  These are great for fine tuning a work space and bedroom as part of the overall space clearing process.

FYI in all my residential feng shui reports, I include the Sun Ceremony dates for that particular dwelling which are the best times each year to space clear your home when the revitalised energy will be most active and vibrant.

Australian Feng Shui Master Consultant, Derelle Ball can help you enhance the health, wealth and nurturing Feng Shui potential of your home with a detailed user-friendly Feng Shui Report.  For further information visit: Off-Site Residential Feng Shui Consultation.  

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