2023 Year of the Gui Mao / Water Rabbit

Posted on October 27, 2022 by Derelle Ball

The Year of the Gui Mao (Water Rabbit) will occur from 22 January 2023 (according to the Lunar Calendar) and from 4 February 2023, (according to the Solar HSIA Calendar).  The Lunar Calendar is used for traditional Chinese New Year celebrations and the Solar Calendar is used when calculating the annual Feng Shui energy flow of the year and 4 Pillars/BaZi Astrology for individuals.

The annual energy configuration is comprised of Yin Water sitting on Yin Wood, with a Wood Melodic Element.  This indicates a lot of growth and fertility energy will be occurring during the Gui Mao year and it also triggers Peach Blossom/relationship qi for Yin (Tiger), Wu (Horse) and Xu (Dog) individuals. 

When there is too much or too little Wood element affecting your personal 4 Pillars chart, issues connected with allergies, arthritis, the gall bladder, tendons, lower limbs, nervous system and/or liver can emerge.  Wood qi also relates to kindness and anger.

The double Yin component of the year energy indicates movement beneath the surface and/or hidden information.  It’s highly likely there will be some scandalous relationship news occurring in the media during the Gui Mao year.

The annual Mao qi activates Nobleman energy for Ren and Gui Day Master individuals, which indicates a great year for connecting with a supportive mentor, teacher and any other expert assistance you may require throughout the year.  The Gui Day Master individual also enjoys Intelligence support, which bodes well for all forms of education and upskilling during the Gui Mao year.

If you were born during a year with water in the Heavenly Stem (ie a year ending with 2 or 3, such as 1952, 1953, 1962, 1963, 1972, 1973, 1982, 1983, 1992, 1993, 2002, 2003, 2012, 2013 or 2022) then you may also tap into some Nobleman energy during the Mao (Rabbit) year, which helps connect you with supportive and helpful friends, mentors and/or expert advisors if you are actively seeking clarity and information.

Note: if you have no idea what your 4 Pillars birth chart looks like, you can work it out here: https://centaineconsultants.com.au/blogs/news/what-is-my-4-pillars-birth-chart

Mao/Rabbit qi is naturally quite social, a good negotiator and creatively imaginative, but can also be quite shy.  The family domain will take on greater importance, with a strong need to feel nurtured and connected within the sanctuary of one’s home and community environment.  This is an important year for ‘people power’ rather than going it alone.

People born in the year of the Yin (Tiger), Wu (Horse) and Xu (Dog) will tend to experience increased networking and social energy this year while individuals born in the year of the Si (Snake) and You (Rooster) are more likely to experience an increase in travel and/or movement this year.

The Gui Heavenly Stem of the year brings a spiritual element that enhances intuition and the need for soulful connection with your tribe.

We are on the verge of a whole new 20 year time period of energy once the Period of 9 officially begins from 4 Feb 2024.  The Gui Mao year provides opportunity to prepare via building and restructuring, with the energy of change affecting the ways in which we live, travel, do business, use money, get educated and relate to each other.  According to the Xuan Kong Da Gua calendar we have already started feeling the effects of Period of 9 since 2017, with important links between Qian and Li which ultimately steer us toward massive technological advancements and innovation.

From a western astrological perspective, we begin 2023 with Saturn in the final 2 months of disharmony with Uranus and this has been an underlying theme over the past couple of years whereby Saturn (the disciplinarian, restrictive rule maker of the zodiac) has butted heads with Uranus (the freedom-loving, rebellious and technologically advanced sign of the zodiac).  Innovative Uranus (currently in consolidative and security-conscious Taurus) has been pushing the energy of change, revolution, decentralization, technological innovation and restructuring.

On 7 March, the tide changes as Saturn transits into Pisces, and this opens the door to exciting new opportunity to transform new ideas and aspirations into reality over the next couple of years.   There will be planetary support for the world to finally get its act together through innovative collaborations utilising collective ideas and expertise. 

Of course, it won’t be perfect, and on the flip side there will also be authoritative figures continuing to butt heads and challenging world events to contend with (likely in connection with sustainable power/nuclear-related issues and rebellion against traditionalist structures) occurring through 2023 and culminating around November 2024.  How this pans out depends on how we collectively choose to ride the energy of change while connecting to Wood qi, (via kindness, compassion, diplomacy, innovation and sustainable living or via anger and self-destruction).

If you have an important project occurring in 2023, spend January and February planning and reviewing the behind-the-scenes details and keep strong in your vision of what you seek to attain, no matter how difficult it may seem.  From 25 March – 20 April, launch/initiate your plan, and then use the Mercury retrograde period 21 April – 15 May to test, fine tune, restructure and adjust your sails if needed.

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